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Cloudy with a Chance of Fiction

Crossover Fanfiction

This is a second account that I created after over 2-4 (or maybe 5, It's been a long time) years away from Livejournal. I really didn't want to drag all my old high school angst around with me.

This is almost entirely a fanfiction account, set up so that I can comment on LJ fiction posts. I'm not much of a diary keeper, so don't expect to see any personal stuff here.
aizen/ichigo, allspark!sam, alternate dimensions, amnesia, angel meets booth, animal!leon, barricade, barricade/bee, barricade/sam, bee/sam, blaise/harry, bleach, bleach), btvs, buffy, byaren, cedric meets edward, creature!harry, d.gray-man, d/leon, daniel!harry, dark!harry, dark-but-decent!malfoys, death note, decent!dudley, deisaku, demon!naruto, dewbot, draco/harry, envy/ed, fanfiction (reading/writing), fma, fred/harry/george, fruits basket, grimichi, grimmulqui, gundam wing, harry potter, haru/kyo, heero!harry, heero/harry, hidan/jashen!harry, hitachin-cest, hitachin/haruhi, hyena!xander, ichihichi, ikkayumi, independent!harry, ino/chouji, inu yasha, inukag, inuyasha, john sheppard/harry, kaien!ichigo, kakairu, kakasaku, kakashi.harry, kanda/allen, kotetsu.izumo, kouinu, kurama/kagome, kyouya/tamaki, l/light, lavi.kanda, lavi/allen, matt/mello, mech!sam, mirkag, naruto, nekozawa/haruhi, noah!allen, ouran high, pet shop of horrors, pride!ed, remus/snape, roy/ed, rusty(oceans 11)/harry, sesskag, shikimaru/neji, shinigami!light, shino/kiba, shino/shikimaru, sirius/remus, snape/harry, spander, spander/dru, spangel(us), supernatural, t-chan/leon, time travel, transformers, trowa!harry, tyki/kanda, ulquihime, vamp!xander, vin deisel(riddick-dom-xxx)/xander or harry, voldie/harry, wufei.harry, x-men, xander/dru, xangel(us), {any exxie of stargate